about us

Paul Young International Limited has focus on organising concerts, cultural activists and entertainment around New Zealand for many years. Since 1993 from now, we have held some concerts for Jacky Hok Yau Cheung, Eason Chan, Xiaohu Huang, Huangqi Xiao, Qin Cai, Emil Wakin Chau, Richie Jen, Sammy Cheang, Cass Ling Phang, Andy Lau, Alan Tam and so many other famous celebrities. Also held for many large-scale events and received so much public praises.

our services

Hold for various kind of concerts and events. For the last 23 years, we have hosted for the Chinese Spring Festival in the SKYCITY; invited many well known celebrities in China to perform in New Zealand, provided different kind of activities to the local people.

Paul Young International is also like a marketing consultant to many local sponsors, having a positive relationship with many other media in New Zealand. Paul Young International has very good reputation, gains trusts and support from the sponsors and companies. On the area of holding concerts, the accuracy of the market research and experiences from all those years, created more and more excellent events. Gaining confidence and huge support from the performance team and the audience.